søndag den 13. juni 2010

Ipad VS: Øpad

I have for a long time wanted a Ipad, but this gadget is failing of funktionalities. Ex. usb-ports, SD-card reader, web-cam and the possibility of playing H.264 film format.

I have read the blog about the Carbon Tablet, and was inspired. Therefore I took a broken Laptop from Lenovo, and is now building a Pad out of this machine.


T3400 processor 2,16 Mhz
3 Gb ram
250 Gb Hdd
SD-card reader
4 x usb-ports

Windows 7 Enterprise edition

I have bought the touch screen overlay, that was mentioned in the Carbon Tablet blog.

I have replaced the DVD-rom drive to a slot-in drive from a Acer Ferrari.